Monday, May 25, 2009


Prague was a great long weekend trip.  We enjoyed walking around the city, which is all cobblestone and visiting the Charles Bridge.  It's not as inexpensive as I had hoped, but still worth a trip.  Go to the Jewish Cemetery and the Lesser Quarter.  In the Lesser Quarter, you'll find the Absinth Shop with flavored icecream.  Hike all the way up the hill, past all the Embassies and you'll get to Prague Castle.  We did not pay the entrance fee, but chose to walk around outside and through the gardens taking tons of photos.

Prague Castle in the Background

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The best thing about this city is the wurst!  They are special to this region and are much sweeter than a brotwurst.  It's served with weinkraut and is just delish. It's a beautiful, old, walled in city and very much doable on foot.  Just stay by a metro stop and you'll be fine without a car.