Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving at the beach!

We spent turkey day on the beach off the coast of Africa in the Canary Islands.  We had a great time!  Great weather, great food, and a great find of an apartment by yours truly!  This picture is of the pool area at our place.  We spent the days at the beach and then the later afternoons early evenings enjoying the warm pool water.  We played mini golf one night after dinner and enjoyed a nice walk along the ocean every night back up to our resort.  I highly recommend visiting if you want nothing to do besides beaching it!  :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Favorite Trips and Cities

Many people ask us what our favorite trip has been.  I have favorite trips and then favorite cities.  I've shared them here in case you're's hard to narrow it down!
Favorite Cities
1. Paris, France- it's so romantic and I love the eiffel tower and French food
2. London, GB- love the different areas and seeing and hearing English is really nice too!
3. Krakow, Poland- so much to do, cheap shopping, and yummy food!
4. Vilnius, Lithuania- not touristy, quaint and romantic, super cheap to travel there
5. Venice, Italy- love Venice as it's so different and lovely!
Favorite Trips
1. Istanbul, Turkey April 2010- This was my first experience with middle eastern food, culture, people, etc.  Fascinating place!
2. Fez, Morocco Dec. 2010- Fez is unlike anywhere I have ever been.  Magical!
3. Two week long driving trip around Northern Italy Dec. 2009- The driving in Italy is an experience itself.  We visited so many cities on this trip packed into the MINI with the two dogs.  Fun!
4. Greek Isles Aug.2008- Lovely trip, lovely places, love Greece!
5.  Scandinavian/Russian Cruise July 2011- I had always wanted to go on this cruise.  Very cool to visit Russia and I loved Finland especially.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Trips in June 2011-June 2012

Because I arrived here in June of 2008, I typically plan our trips from June to June.  We started the traveling season this year with a Scandinavian cruise to Latvia, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.  In August, we drove down to Italy to celebrate our 4th anniversary in the Cinque Terre Region.  The Fall brought trips to Edinburgh, Scotland; Nancy, France; and Vilnius, Lithuania.  We'll be spending Thanksgiving in the Canary Islands and Christmas in Egypt.  For the second time, I'll ring in a birthday in Paris, France.  Right now, trips for Feb-June 2012 are still in the early planning stages.  Our baby is due in April, so I'm not quite sure where we'll go once we're a party of three.  We are planning a trip to the States in late June..will this be the baby's first trip?  Who knows!  As it is, our lucky little fetus will have been to at least seven different countries traveling in the comfort of my growing belly!  Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, and Normandy are all relatively close by cities that are high on my list to visit.  Trips to Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Southern Ireland are also on my little time, so much to see!

Lithuania? Why not!

Vilnius, Lithuania.  I found a cheap flight here for Veteran's Day Weekend and asked Brian what he thought.  He was up for it, so after finding an apartment to rent, we were all set.  After being in Vilnius for about 3 hours, we had declared it to be on both of our top 5 favorite cities list.  We had originally decided to take the train to another city in Lithuania, but after falling so hard for Vilnius, we cancelled that hotel room and decided to spend the whole time in this quaint, romantic city.  We had our own apartment, right downtown in the old city center.  It was a perfect location and for 30 Euros a night, I couldn't have found a better deal!!  We spent the days shopping, eating, walking around.  

Ducking into cathedrals and just getting lost (Brian of course knew right where we were!) in the windy neighborhoods.  Vilnius was like what we expected Prague to be, but better.  It had parts of what we loved about Krak√≥w as well.  The old town, the weaving streets, the old worldliness to it all.  All in all, Vilnius is now one of our top favorites.  If you have the chance to visit this city, please do!  If you fly into Kaunas (whcih was the other city we were going to stay in), you can just take the Airport Shuttle bus to Vilnius.  It takes about 1.5 hours and cost about 8 Euros per person.  Don't bother going downtown, just go right from the airport.  We went to dinner at some great restaurants, so check out the Trip Planner section before you go.