Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A trip to Krakow is definitely a must do while in Europe.  It's a great city, inexpensive hotels, restaurants and fantastic shopping.  Rick Steves says it's the new Prague and I agree.  There is a cool cloth market in the center of town.  Amber is the thing to buy in Krakow.  The Jewish district is great to walk around, get a delish bagel, and visit the synagogues.  While in Krakow, take a walk up to the Wawel Castle.  The seventh chakra is said to reside in the north west corner of Wawel's courtyard,  While in Krakow, we did two side to the Wieliczka Salt Mine and one to Auschwitz & Birkenau Concentration camps.  You can get a bus to either place.  But allow a full day to do the camps and another day for the Salt Mine.

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