Thursday, September 11, 2008


2008- Our first trip to London was for Brian's work.  He did a week long training while I visited every single stop in Rick Steves Guidebook (which I would highly recommend for anyone visiting).  Stay at a place close to a metro stop and you'll be fine.  The Hop On/Off bus is a good thing to do here as there are so many things to do/see in London.  We did the London Eye, but I'm not sure it would make my personal to do list.  The Tower of London would as well as most museums and almost everything on Rick Steves to do list.  Get some Lebanese food at a place right across from Harrod's and the sushi is pretty good at either Harrod's (although quite pricey) and at Paddington Station.

2010-  Our trip to London in July was for Brian's work.  We just extended it a little and made it into a mini vacation.  I spent a day in Cambridge, while Brian was working.  Cambridge in the UK is very similar to Cambridge, MA.  Beautiful landscaping and lovely Universities.  Unfortunately, I did not have our camera, so there are no pictures to share.  The next day, when Brian's meetings were over, we took the train into London.

Having already been to London and done all the touristy things..I asked a friend who had lived there for years to recommend some more local type stuff to do.  We explored Primrose Hill, which is a lovely area where some famous people, Kate Moss, Jude Law, to name a few, live.  There's a nice park with a great view of the city.  We enjoyed the nice summer weather.  We also went over to the ultra trendy Soho Hotel for High Tea.  SO MUCH FUN!  I love tea and everything little that goes along with it.  We also stopped by Portabello Road, which is one of my must do's every time I'm there.  We actually stayed in Notting Hill this trip, which is a great area of London.

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