Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The full moon rises on one side of the ship..

We enjoyed the land of the White Nights while we sailed through the Baltic Sea.
While the sun sets on the other side..

Helsinki was another favorite city of ours!  We spent the day here walking around the small, beautiful city.  We did take the bus to the Church in the Rock.  This was worth a stop.  Then we went to see the Lutheran Church as well as the lovely Finnish Orthodox church.  Both of these were great, but the Finnish church was amazing.  Finland is known for their coffee apparently, so we had to partake.  We found a great little coffee shop where we sat, read books, and drank the best cappuccino ever!  We stumbled upon an open air market selling not only great looking produce, but fur hats too!  Now, I have wanted a fur hat for some time and didn't really like the ones we saw in Russia.  But here, I found a beautiful black rabbit hat!  I can't wait for winter!

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