Wednesday, August 4, 2010


In August, we spent five days in Sardinia.  Sardinia is a beautiful island off the coast of Italy, south of Corsica and north of Sicily.  It was purely a beach vacation, which is just what we needed and wanted.  We were there to celebrate our 3rd lucky!!  We rented a scooter one day and drove along the coast to Neptune's Grotto.  After a long hike down nearly 600 stairs, we entered the Grotto.  Beautiful and would definitely recommend if you are in Sardinia.  We ate seafood every night and enjoyed gelato every evening at a different Gelateria.  Although Brian and I have done a lot of eating of gelato all over Italy, we still think that Germany has the BEST..and more specifically, the shop near our house has the BEST!  

Alghero, Sardinia 
The King's Pub has a great drink menu!  We went there almost every night for cocktails.

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