Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trips in June 2009- June 2010

Our second year in Germany, we traveled to six new countries and also visited some new cities.  We went to Naples, Italy and drove the Amalfi Coast all the way to Paestum, which has some of the best Greek ruins.  We also took a drive to Lake Constance.  The micro-country of Liechtenstein was also part of the long weekend trip.  We spent Thanksgiving in Krakow, Poland and for the second Thanksgiving in a row, explored Concentration Camps.  At Christmas time, we packed up our Mini complete with our two dogs and drove all over Northern Italy, spending Christmas day in Sienna.  We also spent some days in the micro-country of San Marino.  For my 30th Birthday, we were in Paris.  For the long weekend in February, Porto, Portugal was where we went.  This is the place where Port Wine is made and we spent the entire long weekend, tasting this yummy wine.  We bought a lot and shipped it to our home in come visit and taste some Port Wine.  In April, we spent two weeks in Turkey, spending the second week trapped due to the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland.  For Memorial Day weekend, we took another driving trip.  This time to Bruges, Belgium as well as a night in Luxembourg.

Krakow, Poland

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